Keep it Going.

N.Y.L.A. Valley Boots...I have a long, loving history with moccasins and wearing them until my toes scrape the ground (possibly because I bought most of them at dollar stores?) Either way, these seemed like a fun and more durable variation.

Juicy couture Charm Bracelet...I always liked all the cute little charms they have so I bought a silver one.
I can't wait to deck it out! I'm a sucker for cute little tokens associated with memories so what better than a charm bracelet...and if you're gonna do it, might as well be J.C.!


So I have gauged ears (1/2 inch), not the most chic look as far as earrings go. I am attached to them though and not ready to let go just yet. One problem...I HATE most earrings out there for my ears
Ugh, it's a trashy mess.

But...there's hope! While perusing etsy I found some awesome alternatives!

The top ones were made from vintage earrings and the bottom pair from vintage pearl buttons! I thought it was really cool so I'm going to attempt to make my own. If i fail...I'll buy these.


So I have been eyeballing duck boots for the longest time, inspired initially by Land's End and L.L. Bean Style. Well of course, then there was Tommy Hilfiger.
Still, I was not totally sold on them for me...THEN, I saw THESE

Michael Kors Slicker Boots...this is what my dreams are made of *sigh*.

Seen here on the gorgeous Garance (from The Sartorialist <3).Oh, what I wouldn't do (well first to have those boots, but also to have her style). She's amazing.

Sadly, I'll probably settle for some Land's End Canvas duck boots to round out the winter but a girl can dream right?

- - - -

 A while ago I said I was going to post my favorites from Marc Jacobs SS'11. The colors are SO incredible! In the third pic down I really like the look on the background model actually. The purple, red, and that brown sash belt are insane together. What a combination! Spring is going to be so fun to see what people are wearing after the SS'11 shows! The colors are bold and refreshing (color-blocking, yes!) and the shapes (especially the ones seen here) are feminine and easy.



New Year.


Ralph Lauren Nicole Plaid Belted Trench...I was looking for a good tan trench, I spotted this on the Ralph website and the price was right so I went for it. It has yet to arrive so hopefully it's the one!
Seychelles Blimey Pumps in Clay...The color was not what I expected but I LOVE them. They are so insanely comfortable and the green/brown/gray is a good neutral staple.
Just bought these today...Matt Bernson Matinee Oxfords. Soooo excited for these, just ordered them today and I have so many ideas!
Betsey Johnson Bow Ring...nothing too special but I've been meaning to order it for a while and I finally did.
Juicy Couture Waffle Cardigan...I was recently stopped and informed (for the second time) that Jennifer Garner had been "spotted" in US Weekly in the same sweater! (I thought it was kind of funny)

 A pair of Bass Nikki boots, I feel like they would do good things for my wardrobe but I don't know how well I'd pull them off...?

I am also looking into going for knock-offs :/ of that Mulberry I mentioned before and a Proenza Schouler PS1 bag (above). I mean I could never afford them otherwise and they are SO amazing!

If I could have it my way with the trench situation it would be this Burberry. Unfortunately, my pockets aren't quite that deep (ok, not by a longgg shot) :(

Blair's main look for the Christmas GG episode. I'm looking into to recreating it at the moment, the blouse, skirt, and tights are all incredible. I mean, I reallyy love this.

Coconuts by Matisse Davis Booties...look eerily similar to Chloe's but I can actually afford them! Why don't I have them yet? I CAN'T FIND THEM! One day, I will own them, mark my words.
And finally, Marc Jacobs Katie Ring...because it's Marc Jacobs and because it's called Katie! <3

here's to your resolutions,


It's cold. It's fall.

Betsey Johnson asymmetrical zip puffer coat. so warm. so cute.

Bebe zigzag tunic. Impulse buy on my way out of the mall the other day. The slouch neck/hood combo got me.

(obviously knock-offs of) YSL suede pumps. I have many plans for these, pretty much a must-have staple...and I got these spot-on replicas for cheap!


...The quickly approaching winter in Michigan. Peep-toe booties? I don't think so. 

Looking For!

A good [the perfect] trench. I almost snatched up a nice Diesel braided belt trench on a sample sale the other day but it sold out insanely fast. heartbreak.


A collegiate looking blazer. I'm thinking in the navy or camel spectrum, possibly with elbow patches, roll-able sleeves, and a vintage-looking patch. 


A few of my favorites from the Marc by Marc Jacobs SS '11 show. The shapes were simple and cute. Love the hair. The colors were incredible. Speaking of unbelievably incredible colors, next post (just to get my main man out of the way) I'm showing my faves from Marc Jacobs SS '11. to. die. for.

Mulberry Oversized Alexa Leather Bag - a TOP want, but weighing in at $1,250...I'm on the lookout for a realistic alternative (I have a few great leads, can't wait).

- Updating on my last post, I found a canvas alternative to those fabulous Chloe boots for about $90! (the real thing is, oh...about $600) They are impossible to find so from what I can tell, if I want them I may have to go a size up. I'm still on the fence with that but if I go for it, expect so see them at the top of the 'buying' section!

stay warm, friends.


As of now...


I bought solid black, an antique lace/dot pattern, and a "floral bouquet" lace pattern...sure to be a wardrobe staple.


This is my best shot from the past week (webcam chic). I was feeling studious as I am prepping for my GRE test this weekend so this was a mix of J. Crew and (shh don't tell anyone) Forever 21. Paired with some Sperry, animal hair, brown hounds-tooth boat shoes with no socks and rolled up khakis...perfect. Honestly, I was inspired by a shot of a man outside of the Ralph Lauren SS'11 show.


White tipped acrylics. If you're going to go french, natural and short is the way to go now. Period. While I am on nails, if you haven't tried shellac yet, you're missing out! It lasts so much longer so if you're like me about getting your nails done (lazy and you don't do it nearly as often as you should), get a shellac mani.


Chloe wedge boots! [drool] I have been seeing these pop up on the well dressed authors of some of my favorite fashion blogs lately and although I boycotted wedges all summer, these are incredible. Some version of these will be on my feet before Spring.



I wanted to start a blog about what I wear and what I like. It is primarily so I can chronicle these things for myself but we shall see where it goes, I want to post what I am buying, wearing, despising, and coveting. Everything from my favorite looks from new lines to the crazy contraptions I boldly wear to work in Flint, Michigan. I like to look at clothing from a perspective within my environment, a post-apocalyptic Midwest 'city' that is 4 hours away from Chicago and 10 years away from a big city. Still, I enjoy it and the people I see here.

Some standard loves: Marc Jacobs (but who doesn't), empire waists, most 90's 3-series, goSmile, sample sales, and using my scarf collection as bedroom curtains.